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Company Value Proposition

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

It’s clear that every strategy should have a customer value proposition, correct? Yes obviously. Why conduct a long-term strategy if there’s no benefit to your customer? However we can’t always forget that while we’re here to serve our customers, and we must be more customer centric than ever, we still need to define in any strategy the “company value proposition.“

What this means is that while we may have the best price, differentiator, accessibility, or whatever stands out as innovative to our customers, we still need to keep in tact our core ideology and value system as an organization. Sometimes what may be best for our customers may not always be beneficial to us as an organization if it veers off the track too much and it doesn’t resonate with our foundation of operational effectiveness and competencies. Going for that “stretch goal“, or “disruptive innovation“, may in theory sound like a great idea because it will draw customer awareness and engagement, but is that good if it’s only for a short term gain? We need to ensure that we remember that every strategy has a foundation and a steppingstone for the next strategy. Set yourself up now not just for success today but for the next 5 to 10 years. Allow your disruptor to set the tone for the market for a long period of time. Doing that will set yourself up as an organization for a COMPANY value proposition. Ultimately a strong strategic position. Remember, the fundamental of any strategy is a customer value proposition. However don’t forget you also need to pay attention to how you can set up your company value proposition for a sustainable amount of time and long-term advantage. Therefore I’m going to look at the next time I set up a new strategic vision and asked the question what is my customer value proposition? Also what is my company value proposition?

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