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Avoid Avoidance

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Ever find yourself stating "should of talked to that _____ (fill in the blank) person/resource/department"... when you are down the road in strategy implementation and realized a big "Whoops"...

Why is that? I am not here lecturing on the fact that sometimes we don't know what what we don't know in strategy implementation...SH*T happens.. ALL THE TIME... and we may not have thought of a particular dependency or entity to confer or consult with during the planning phase...ok so that happens.. What this is about is AVOIDANCE... because we are afraid of the politics, fear of losing control, worried about dealing with the person we don't like, or we truly are operating in a silo'.... hate to say it, but that's not being strategic... sure your department can LEAD a strategy...absolutely...but can you really conduct those big movers and shakers of org strategies alone........ nah, don't think so... So perhaps ego aside, we practice ACCEPTANCE vs AVOIDANCE when having to come together with those entities that are challenging to deal with... emotional intelligence in tact, let's work together to focus on the big picture for our business...and what really matters, our customer.... AVOIDANCE is what causes strategic failure.... so let's ACCEPT the fact we can overcome our differences, and focus on the agenda at hand.... IF we all did that more often, perhaps more of our strategies would succeed...

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