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Data-Driven? But really?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Are we letting the data drive US or are we DRIVING the data?

What I mean is I think we feel inhibited or challenged by the data if we ONLY rely on results.... remember WE should be driving the DATA.... the data is just an imprint of time... so Data-Driven needs to be maybe reversed to say we are Driving Data.... we manage it, we use it, we drive it for insights for business decisions and recommendations... so maybe the past tense of "Driven" is exclaiming in its connotation we are at the endpoint of the results in the data...but we know from a predictive and prescriptive analytics perspective we are in fact not past tense "Data-Driven" we are more "Driving Data" for those future indicators and insights..... So I am thinking I am a "Driving Data" Leader... USING it for MY Advantage to take action vs it defining my business and solely settling on the results... just something to ponder :) Play on words sure, but strategically, the intent of the message is in there if you see it. Again, just a perspective :)

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